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Oregano Oil For Teeth: 3 Important Benefits & How To Use It

Aceite de orégano para los dientes

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Oregano Oil for Teeth: Improved Overall Dental Health

When we talk about maintaining excellent oral hygiene, we often think of conventional practices such as brushing, flossing, and regular visits to the dentist. However, Mother Nature provides us with a treasure trove of remedies for dental infections or wisdom tooth pain. One of these gems is, without a doubt, oregano oil for teeth. In this article, we will delve into the exciting world of oregano oil’s antibacterial properties and its role in cavity prevention, toothache relief, and home dental care. Join us on this journey to unravel the secrets of this herbal wonder.

The Power of Oregano Oil

Understanding oregano oil

Oregano oil, extracted from the leaves of the oregano plant (Origanum vulgare), is known for its notable antibacterial properties for teeth. This is due to a compound called carvacrol, which exhibits excellent antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral effects. These characteristics make it a wonderful natural remedy that contributes to oral health.

oregano oil for teeth

Benefits of Oregano Oil for Dental Health

1. Fighting bad breath

The antibacterial action of oregano oil for teeth can help eliminate the bacteria responsible for bad breath or halitosis, giving you a fresh and healthy mouth.

What does science say?

One study shows that mouthwash with oregano essential oil was effective in reducing oral halitosis. In addition, this oil has been shown to have similar effectiveness to chlorhexidine rinses in reducing bad mouth odor, and best of all, without side effects.

How to use it?

Prepare a mouthwash with oregano oil by mixing a few drops with water, to achieve a natural and refreshing rinse that fights bacteria.

2. Toothache relief

The analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of oregano oil may provide temporary relief from a toothache.

What does science say?

According to a study published by the Society for Scientific Research and Studies, mixing oregano essential oil with a small amount of olive oil could be effective for dental pain.

How to use it?

Applying a diluted mixture of oregano oil to the affected area can help you get relief while you secure an appointment with the dentist.

3. Preventing cavities

Oregano oil for teeth can help prevent cavities by fighting the bacteria that contribute to their development.

What does science say?

In various studies, oregano essential oil has been shown to be able to reduce the amount of Streptococcus mutans, one of the bacteria responsible for dental cavities.
Therefore, it has been incorporated into mouthwashes and toothpastes.

How to use it?

Add a few drops of oregano oil to your homemade toothpaste for more effective dental care.

putting oregano oil in glass of water

Safe Use of Oregano Oil in Oral Hygiene


Despite the many benefits that oregano oil offers, it is essential to use it safely and responsibly. The following are some precautions to take when using oregano oil for teeth:

● Always dilute oregano essential oil with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil, before applying it topically or using it as a mouthwash to avoid any irritation.

● Before using oregano oil, especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions or are pregnant, consult a health professional.

● Use the oil sparingly and with caution when it comes to dosage. Start with a small amount and gradually increase it as needed, since oregano oil is highly concentrated.

Incorporating Oregano Oil into Your Oral Care Routine

Mouthwash with oregano oil

Creating your own oregano oil mouthwash is simple and effective. Follow these steps:

1. Mix 4-5 drops of oregano essential oil in a glass of water.

2. Swish the solution in your mouth for about 30 seconds and then spit it out.

3. Finish by rinsing your mouth with plain water.

Gum treatment with oregano oil

To address issues like receding gums, consider this application method:

1. Dilute a few drops of oregano oil with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil, to avoid any skin irritation.

2. Gently massage the diluted oil into your gums, using a clean finger or cotton swab.

3. Let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse with water.

putting oregano oil in her mouth

Oregano Oil for Periodontal Disease

Oregano oil can also help in the care of periodontal disease, reducing inflammation and discomfort associated with periodontal disease or gum disease. To reap its benefits, dilute oregano essential oil with a carrier oil (such as coconut oil) and gently massage it into your gums and affected areas.


Oregano oil for teeth is a valuable natural resource in oral hygiene, thanks to its antibacterial properties and benefits for dental health. It can certainly be a beneficial addition to your oral care routine.

Frequently Ask Questions

Oregano oil is known for its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant effects. Thanks to this combination of properties, it turns out to be an effective alternative for both the prevention of cavities and the home treatment of gingivitis. In addition, it can help minimize the formation of dental plaque.

It has natural compounds that act as protectors against cavities, gingivitis and other oral conditions. This versatile antioxidant stands out for its anti-inflammatory capacity, which helps fight both bacterial and fungal infections in the mouth.

Most people will start to feel better within one to three weeks, but for others, it may take four to six weeks, or even longer. It is important to remember that although oregano oil is an herb, it is a powerful antimicrobial substance that can damage the microbiome if used in excess for too long.

Oregano oil has long been used as a natural remedy for various diseases. It is also effective in whitening teeth. This oil contains a component called carvacrol, which is known to eliminate stains and discolorations on teeth.

Yes, you can rub diluted oregano oil on your gums to help with oral health care. Make sure to dilute it properly to avoid irritation.

Adding a few drops of oregano oil to your homemade toothpaste can improve its effectiveness in preventing cavities and fighting bacteria.



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