Venlafaxine and Xerostomia

9 Effective Treatment Alternatives

Venlafaxine, an effective treatment for psychiatric disorders, can cause xerostomia, a side effect that affects oral health.

Venlafaxine is an effective medication in the treatment of these conditions. Its mechanism of action focuses on the regulation of neurotransmitters in the brain.


Xerostomia: More than Dry Mouth

Xerostomia, commonly known as dry mouth, goes beyond a simple discomfort.

Saliva plays a vital role in oral health, not only in digestion, but also in protecting teeth and gums.

Comprehensive Management of Xerostomia

It is essential to take a comprehensive approach that includes lifestyle changes, such as increasing water intake and avoiding irritating substances.

Use a fluoride mouthwash or fluoride gel before going to bed. Sometimes a custom fluoride applicator (made by your dentist) can make it more effective.


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