Wisdom Tooth Hole Never Closed

7 Advises After Surgery

What happens if the wisdom tooth hole never closed? This article will answer that question.

The wisdom teeth are positioned further back in the mouth; they are indicated to be extracted when they do not have enough space to grow yet retain the infection.


How are Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

Simple Extraction Performed when the tooth is visible and in a good position in the mouth.

Surgical extraction Performed when the wisdom teeth are within the gum. For the procedure, anesthesia is injected, then an incision (cut) is made in the gum to uncover the tooth.

What Happens if the Wisdom tooth Hole Never Closed?

If there are no complications, the wisdom tooth hole closes naturally within the established timeframe.

Eat soft and liquid foods, as well as avoid eating hard foods with cereals and seeds since these can be easily introduced into the surgery area after surgery.


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