What is Torus Mandibularis?

9 Causes and Detailed Symptoms

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Mandibular tori are abnormal bone growths that can occur on the inner surface of the jaw. They are also called mandibular exostoses or hyperostoses.


A study published by experts in 2020 and 2021 identified the possible causes of the mandibular toru.

What are the Possible Causes of a Torus Mandibularis?

Mandibular tori appear in the mouth as hard, firm masses located on the inner surface of the jaw at the level of the premolar teeth, generally of a benign.


Diagnosis of a Mandibular Toru

It is extremely important to consult with a dentist since sometimes a mandibular torus can be confused with other oral disease

The torus palatinus (palatine torus) is a bone mass that appears on the hard palate, right on the line that divides the palate in half. It affects between 0.4% and 66.5% of people.

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