What is Fissured Tongue?

Causes, Symptoms & 7 Useful Tips

The tongue is a complex organ made up of many muscles and vital structures such as taste buds, it is located on the floor of the mouth.

The fissured tongue (also known as a scrotal tongue) is a variation of the lingual surface, where the taste buds are located, presenting fissures or clefts in the middle and tip of the organ.


Who is Affected by this condition?

According to experts, a fissured tongue tends to affect men, and the possibility of its appearance increases with age.

A fissured tongue may be caused by changes in the epithelium, lamina propria, and/or the muscles of the tongue, which is why its appearance at an advanced age is more common.

Signs and Symptoms of Fissured Tongue

You can directly observe the back of your tongue, that is, where the taste buds are.

The treatment indicated by experts for the care of a fissured tongue is based on the condition; complete instructions on oral hygiene are given.


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