What is Avulsed Tooth?

5 Detailed Causes & Preventive Tips

An avulsed tooth is an emergency when a tooth comes completely out of the socket, that is, it falls out.

Dental avulsion, which is the complete loss of a tooth due to trauma, involves the dislodgment of both the crown and root from the alveolus,


Causes of Dental Avulsion   

Accidents on bicycles, motorcycles, skateboards, and skateboards, among others.

Dental avulsion requires immediate treatment the first 30 minutes after the incident occurred to save the tooth.

Treatment Options for Avulsed Tooth

The appropriate treatment will depend upon the first aid that has been given to the avulsed tooth.

Recovery depends to a large extent upon postoperative care. Swipe up to learn the recommendations after a dental avulsion.


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