What is an Eruption Cyst?

3 Preventive Measures For It

Eruption cysts are fluid-filled bags or sacs that form in the mucosa that cover a tooth that is about to erupt (come out of the gum).

Because these lesions are associated with tooth eruption, they rarely occur in adults. They can happen during the eruption of temporary or permanent teeth.


What does an Eruption Cyst Look Like?

They are fluctuating (soft) lesions, transparent or bluish, that form in the soft tissue covering the tooth before its eruption.

The specific origin of eruptive cysts is not yet clear, but it is believed that children with early childhood caries, trauma, infections in deciduous teeth.

Can Eruption Cysts be Prevented?

To avoid alterations in the eruption of the teeth and reduce the possibility of the new teeth being affected, it is wise to protect the child from blows and infections.

In cases where the cysts require intervention, the dental procedure is usually quite simple and minimally invasive


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