What Causes Excessive Mouth Watering?

22 Reliable Reasons

This is a situation known as hypersalivation. This is the opposite condition of a dry mouth.

Saliva is produced in the salivary glands. Every day, a person produces between 0.75 liters and 1.5 liters of saliva.


What is hypersalivation?

This is the excessive production of saliva associated with muscle control. It is also called sialorrhea or ptyalism.

Excessive saliva production, or sialorrhea, can be caused by seeing, smelling, or tasting food. Some people produce too much saliva when thinking about certain foods.

What are the effects of hypersalivation?

If it is not treated adequately and promptly, it causes difficulty in speaking clearly and in ingesting food and drinks without choking.

The diagnosis aims to identify the root of the problem or the underlying cause that generates excess saliva and later prescribe the appropriate treatment.


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