Fissured Tongue Treatments

5 Effective and Easy Care Tips

The tongue plays a fundamental role because it perceives flavors, complements chewing, and articulates words and sounds.

Fissured tongue, scrotal tongue, or plicated tongue, is a condition characterized by the appearance of fissures, cracks, or clefts in the dorsum of the tongue.


What Causes Fissured Tongue?

Geographical language ● Pernicious anemia ● Sjögren’s syndrome ● Psoriasi ● Acromegaly

Cleft tongue affects 10 or 20% of the population, primarily men. It is much more common in older people.

Oral Hygiene Habits of Caring for a Fissured Tongue

Use tongue scrapers or toothbrushes with integrated tongue cleaner.

If you suffer from a condition that reduces saliva secretion, use artificial saliva supplements and/or sugar-free gum to stimulate its production.

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