What is Torus Palatinus?

6 Primary Causes You Should Know

It has been reported that approximately 20-30% of Americans have torus palatinus.

A torus palatinus is a bony protrusion located on the roof of the mouth: on the middle part of the hard palate. It can have various shapes and sizes.


What are the Symptoms of a Torus Palatinus?

Feeling one or more hard bulges in the upper or roof of the mouth.

Consumption of certain medications: It is believed that some antihypertensives may be related to the development of torus.

Complications of Palatinus Torus

Presenting with this oral condition does not necessarily mean you have cancer or an infection, and it is not harmful or dangerous.

Poor oral hygiene when the palatal torus grows near the teeth, making brushing and flossing difficult, which over time is a risk due to the growth of plaque and tartar.


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