Teething Rash in Children

3 Effective Preventive Tips

The teething rash is one of the causes of irritation in the dentition stage of a baby.

Teething in babies, or deciduous teeth, begins around 6 months of age with the eruption of the first lower central incisor, and it lasts until around 3 years of age.


What are the symptoms of teething rash?

Another very common symptom is excessive salivation; this is precisely what causes skin rashes since saliva contains an enzyme.

Skin rash is an irritation or eruption that appears on the skin of babies. It is associated mainly with the accumulation of saliva around the mouth during the teething process.

How to prevent a skin rash?

While it is true that diseases occur without warning, many can be prevented.

The skin rash must be managed and observed by a pediatrician; however, actions can be taken at home to improve the symptoms and comfort the afflicted baby.


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