Salivary Gland Stones

5 Effective Treatments You Must Know

Salivary gland stones are not a serious condition, but when they cause salivary gland inflammation or sialadenitis.

Saliva is produced by structures called salivary glands, which are located in the cheek area,  the oral mucosa, and the region under the tongue and jaw.


What causes salivary gland stones?

Mineralization of foreign bodies or cells that come off the salivary gland or bacteria.

Usually, stones in the salivary glands do not cause pain, but when they do occur, they range from mild discomfort to very intense pain

Diagnosis: Tests and examinations

Depending on the location of the stone, its size, signs and symptoms, a health professional may use various tests.

Surgery is the classic alternative for large stones, where the stone is removed or in advanced cases, the entire salivary gland.


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