Removing Food Stuck in Wisdom Tooth Hole

5 Effective Ways

What to do with food stuck in wisdom tooth hole?

When wisdom teeth do not have sufficient space in the dental system or emerge in the wrong position, the dentist will recommend removing them.


How to Avoid Getting Food Stuck in Wisdom Tooth Hole?

Crunchy or chewy foods should be avoided. It is also recommended not to consume acidic or spicy foods since they can dissolve the blood clot.

After each meal, a gentle mouth rinse should be done with a mixture of water and salt. This will help remove food particles and kill any bacteria.

Recommendations for Self-Care

Increase fluid intake: This keeps the mouth moist, which keeps clots in place and speeds recovery.

The initial recommendation is not to try to remove food residue with your fingers, tongue, or any sharp, non-sterile instrument.


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