Proper Management of Tooth Dislocation

5 Aftercare Tips

Management of tooth dislocation is not far from everyday life, just like the dislocation or sprain of the shoulder, elbow, hand, foot, or hip.

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This type of trauma occurs regularly in children, affecting the primary dentition, and can have effects on the permanent (secondary) dentition process.


Causes of Tooth Dislocation

According to the follow-up exercises that have been carried out in cases of dental luxation.

Dental dislocations have an impact on the soft tissues, the periodontal ligaments, the bone, and the pulp of the tooth.

The Diagnosis

To reach the most accurate opinion, the oral health professional will ask about the symptoms or situation causing the dislocation.

If there is pain when chewing, the dislocated tooth may be splinted to secure it to surrounding teeth and help stabilize it. X-rays and examinations must be done.


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