5 Best & Effective Pressure Points for Toothache Relief

A toothache can be quite uncomfortable, and if it occurs at night, it can turn those hours into a prolonged time that seems endless.

Acupressure or digitopuncture is a technique that comes from traditional Chinese medicine, ancient knowledge according to which the body’s energy circulates through channels called meridian


How to Apply Pressure Points for Toothache?

Increasing blood circulation, which helps reduce swelling.

Stomach meridian (ST 6) This is another relevant point for relieving toothache. It is located on the cheek, between the corner of the mouth and the bottom of the earlobe.

When to Seek Help?

Professional assistance should be sought in the following cases: Difficulty seeing or double vision Intense, unbearable pain Fever

The use of these and other pressure points for toothache in acupressure technique can improve or relieve toothache without side effects.


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