Nifedipine and Dental Health

Harmful Effects & Helpful Tips

Treatment to control high blood pressure (hypertension) typically includes a prescription for nifedipine

Nifedipine helps control blood pressure, during treatment, it generates oral side effects (secondary) that must be addressed in a timely manner.

What is nifedipine?

Nifedipine belongs to a group of medications known as calcium channel blockers.It is prescribed to control high blood pressure

Nifedipine relaxes blood vessels and lowers blood pressure, making it easier for the heart to pump blood.

What effects does nifedipine have on dental health?

Given the circumstances, certain techniques or practices can reduce the impact of the drug’s side effects.

Gingival enlargement and dry mouth (hyposalivation) are recurring symptoms in people receiving treatment for blood pressure control with the calcium channel blocker drug, nifedipine.

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