Mouth Ulcer vs. Canker Sore

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These conditions are quite common and can affect anyone at some point in their life, with a slightly higher prevalence among women.

Mouth ulcers are painful sores that form inside the mouth and usually disappear after a few days without scarring


What is the Difference Between Mouth Ulcer vs. Canker Sore?

The terms “oral ulcer” and “oral thrush” are often used interchangeably.

Oral ulcers or canker sores usually appear on the palate, tongue, inner part of the lips, or cheeks. Less commonly, they can also appear on the gums and pharynx.

Some of the symptoms are pain when brushing teeth and swelling around the ulcers. Swipe up to read all.

What are the Symptoms of Canker Sores?

Although preventing canker sores is difficult, a few tips can help reduce your risk of getting them


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