Whitening Teeth Safely: 3 Approved Techniques for Brighter Results 

White teeth as a symbol of beauty, while a good image.

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Teeth whitening is an aesthetic dental procedure that reduces stains on the teeth and gives the teeth a whiter and brighter shade.


Side effects of whitening strips

Research indicates that hydrogen peroxide damages the proteins in the dentin layer of the teeth.

Whitening products have a number of side effects, including damage to tooth enamel, gum irritation, and increased tooth sensitivity, among others.

What people should not assume dental whitening?

People who have dental sensitivity, stomatitis, gum problems, or other oral pathologies should not undertake dental whitening treatment.

Whitening has a limit and if it is exceeded, the hydrogen peroxide will break down the proteins in the enamel, generating changes in the structure of the tooth.