Internal Tooth Resorption

7 Definitive Symptoms To Look For

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Internal tooth resorption, also known as root resorption, is a rare dental lesion that affects one.

Internal resorption is a normal process in baby teeth as part of their development and growth towards permanent teeth.


Which Parts of the Tooth does Internal Resorption Affect?

Root resorption can cause infections, twisted teeth, tooth loss, and other situations that affect teeth, gums, and the jaw.

Often, root resorption results from physical injury to a tooth or inflammation inside the tooth due to an untreated cavity.

How is Internal Tooth Resorption Diagnosed?

The method for diagnosing resorption depends on the part of the tooth that is affected.

Regularly visit the dentist. This will facilitate early diagnosis and application of the required treatment to prevent the situation from advancing to more complex conditions.


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