7 Easy Steps on How To Prepare for Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implants appear to be an alternative for aesthetic and functional rehabilitation when one or more teeth are lost.

A dental implant is a synthetic device made of materials compatible with the body; it is intended to replace teeth or molars lost for reasons such as cavities and periodontitis.


Steps on how to prepare for dental implant surgery

Before performing the procedure, it is important to know the patient’s initial health status.

The treating professional will schedule a control consultation after 8 days, to evaluate the status of the implant and remove the sutures.

What is the purpose of a dental implant procedure?

The purpose of the dental implant is to restore the aesthetics and functionality that have been negatively affected by tooth loss.

Avoid smoking: It has been proven that smoking delays the healing and osseointegration of the implant in the bone.


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