Hepatitis and Oral Health

6 Proven Facts About Hepatitis

Here, you will learn about the relationship between hepatitis and oral health, with essential information for those who suffer from this disease

Hepatitis is a disease that mainly affects the liver and has multiple repercussions on general health, in addition to being the cause of most cases of liver cancer and liver cirrhosis.

Discover the role of the dentist in the care of patients with hepatitis

The dentist actively contributes to the health of the patient with hepatitis in several aspects.

Hepatitis of viral origin represents the main infectious risk for dental personnel. The dentist and his work team are constantly exposed to contact with fluids such as blood and saliva.


Discover the Oral Manifestations of Hepatitis

People with hepatitis may present different manifestations or noticeable signs in the oral cavity.

Patients with hepatitis may present oral manifestations of the disease, so the dentist must take this condition into account when performing treatment.