Gap Between The Teeth (Diastema)

3 Important Reasons

A diastema is a space between the teeth; it occurs most frequently in the upper front set.

It is a matter of proportions. Size differences can be due to genetic reasons, which may involve unusually-shaped teeth that are smaller than normal.


What is the treatment for diastema?

The indicated treatment for the closure of these gaps depends upon their cause and size.

Many parents consult a dentist when they notice spaces between their children’s teeth. It is a common cause for concern since 97% of 5-year-olds usually have gaps.

Can the spaces between the teeth close naturally?

When gaps occur in children, as mentioned above, they usually close naturally.

However, gaps generated by habits such as thumb sucking, using a pacifier, or tongue thrust are preventable. Swipe up to know some tips.


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