Signs and Symptoms of Enamel Erosion

3 Effective Treatments

Teeth are composed of several layers, the outermost of which is called enamel.

Dental enamel is the hardest tissue in the human body and protects teeth from physical and chemical damage.


What are the Causes of Enamel Erosion?

Intrinsic erosion It occurs when the causative agents are acids from the human body itself, for example, gastric acids.

In more severe cases, when enamel has been completely lost, is too thin, or presents fractures, the ideal option is to place dental crowns.

What are the Preventions and Tips?

In addition to the indicated treatment, a way to prevent or worsen enamel erosion is by maintaining good oral hygiene and adequate nutrition.

Drinking water several times a day will help you stay hydrated and thicken saliva, which helps eliminate acids from the teeth.


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