Dental Treatment in Children With Autism

6 Oral Care Tips

People with ASD often have problems interacting with others, as well as different ways of learning, behaving, moving, or paying attention.

Some medications frequently used in autistic patients can cause enlargement of the gums, known as gingival hyperplasia.


How to Prepare your Child for a Visit to the Dentist?

Meet with the dentist and his or her staff to discuss previous dental treatments and possible sensory triggers.

A dental visit can be stressful for most people, and even more so for patients with autism. A dental checkup or procedure can involve many new sounds, tastes, and smell

Oral Care in People with Autism

Knowing the challenges that dental care represents in patients with ASD is essential to adopting strategies that improve the dental experience.

It is important to encourage the habit of brushing the teeth after each meal and placing hygiene items in a fixed and accessible place.


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