Crooked Teeth

5 Common Causes and How to Avoid them

Crooked teeth are considered to be the third most prevalent and impactful oral pathology in the world.

Malocclusion may be hereditary. It can also be a consequence of the difference in size between the jaw and the teeth.


Chewing less Due to the processed foods that are frequently consumed, less chewing is exerted, which has had an effect on the size of the jaw.

The correct alignment of the teeth facilitates a better quality of life. Having a denture with the correct occlusion allows adequate food intake and chewing.

What Options are Available to Correct Malocclusion?

Ceramic brackets: They are less visible than metallic ones and require the same treatment, but they break easily.

It is suggested to consult with a specialist and receive the required treatment, according to the prescribed professional diagnosis.


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