4 Proven and Effective Cold Sore Treatments 

Cold sore is a common condition, characterized by the appearance of blisters on the skin and mucous membranes, especially on the lips.

"Oral Herpes"

It is important to remember that cold sore has no cure. Once the infection is acquired, it remains in the body and can cause relapses in which ulcers appear on the lips.


Caring for Children with Cold Sore

In children, pain management and promoting rapid healing are essential. Swipe up to know the following steps.

Avoid cold sore infection by trying not to share food, drinks, or makeup, especially with people who manifest active symptoms.

Discover the Over-the-counter Cold Sore Treatments

Learn the top 4 treatments that you can buy and how to use them.

The use of home remedies for the treatment of cold sore serves to relieve the pain caused by the lesions and promote their healing.


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