Bruxism and Epilepsy

10 Symptoms of Teeth Grinding

Grinding or clenching teeth is a reaction that can also occur while sleeping and we may not even know it.

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder, not a mental illness. It is a brain alteration that produces recurrent seizures in a person for some time.


What is Bruxism and What are its Causes?

Bruxism is a behavior in which a person clenches, grinds, or gnashes their teeth. This behavior can occur during the day or at night while sleeping.

Epilepsy is a neurological condition in which patterns in the brain change unexpectedly, causing seizures, which can lead to clenching the jaws and grinding the teeth, among other effects.

A nightguard is often recommended to protect the teeth during sleep. The mouthguard creates a space between the jaws and covers the teeth entirely.

Seizures and Mouthguards

Daytime bruxism occurs during times of concentration, stress, or anxiety. The recommendation is to be mindful and learn to relax the facial muscles.


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