Blue or Gray Teeth

2 Primary Causes You Should Know

Dental pigmentation is one of the main reasons for a dental consultation, as it directly affects the aesthetics and self-esteem of patients.

They are stains that originate during tooth formation, they appear mainly on permanent teeth and sometimes on temporary teeth.  


Can Teeth Whitening be Done at Home?

There are home teeth whitening and dental office teeth whitening procedures.

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Tetracycline stains are pigmentations specific to the tooth (intrinsic), secondary to the use of a group of antibiotics called tetracyclines, used to treat infections.

Tooth sensitivity is the most common unwanted effect after teeth whitening since it affects the most superficial layer of the tooth, the tooth enamel.

What Products can be Used to Whiten Teeth?

For best results and greater safety during teeth whitening, the procedure should be supervised by a dentist.

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