Blood Blisters in the Mouth

6 Effective Treatments

Blood blisters in the mouth are a relatively common condition that can be an uncomfortable and unpleasant experience.

Blisters are sacs filled with blood or other liquids that form in some areas of the mouth such as the palate, tongue, or inside of the cheek.


Blood Blisters in the Mouth vs. Other Sores in the Mouth

Many types of lesions can appear in the mouth, so it is normal to confuse them with each other.

When the mucosa is injured, these blisters are more likely to form. In the mouth, trauma can be generated by various situations.

Treatment for Oral Blood Blisters

Cucumber has properties that promote healing; placing a slice of cucumber on the ulcer several times a day for a few minutes can help it heal faster.

If the pain prevents eating and performing daily activities, you may be prescribed painkillers or medications to speed healing.

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