Best Treatment for Canker Sores To Try at Home

Here we share information about the proper treatment for canker sores and the management of the discomfort during those initial days.

Canker sores are those small lesions that appear in the mouth and produce a painful sensation. They can cause discomfort when eating or brushing the teeth


The Diagnosis

If there is a fever, difficulty eating, or spots on the hands and/or feet, it may be another type of virus or bacteria.

If the wounds are intermittent – they appear and disappear – and are deep and large, a doctor should be consulted to identify if this indicates another type of disease.

Treatment for Canker Sores

Compresses of hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) on canker sores. Dilute one part peroxide to two parts water.

Apple vinegar. Mix a teaspoon of vinegar in a cup of water. Rinse for 30 seconds. Rinse the mouth water to avoid irritation.


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