3 Popular Types of Malocclusion & How to Prevent Them

Malocclusion is the alteration of bone growth and the position of the teeth that prevents proper functioning.

It is very common for dental problems to be inherited from parents or even from relatives in the first or second degree of consanguinity.


Types of Malocclusion

Transverse malocclusion This alteration consists of an alteration in the width of the lower jaw with respect to the upper jaw, causing unilateral or bilateral crossbite

Chewing problems:  since the upper teeth do not fit with the lower ones, it is not possible to chew properly. In addition, it is very common to have digestive problems.

How are Dental Malocclusions Diagnosed?

The diagnosis should always be made in consultation with a specialist dentist, although the first observation can be made by a general dentist.

Correct brushing and the use of hygiene items such as dental floss and mouthwashes prevent the accumulation of bacterial plaque that causes dental caries and gum disease.


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