2 Treatments For Eruption Cyst 

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Treatments for eruption cyst are quite simple and the cysts associated with teething are frequent.

Eruption cysts are small, fluid-filled sacs that occur before the emergence of either the primary or permanent teeth.


What should I do if my Child Develops Eruption Cysts?

Keeping the cyst under observation until the new tooth comes out.

Some eruption cysts occur from natal or neonatal teeth, but what are natal and neonatal teeth? These teeth come out before their time in  babies.

What are the Treatments for Eruption Cyst?

The dentist will  make a small cut through the gums, freeing the crown of the tooth and facilitating its eruption.

However, in a study carried out in 2017, 53 patients with eruption cysts were included, of which only 7 required surgical treatment.

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